About Us

The company is a brain child of, and is promoted by, a doctor known world over for his compassionate service and expert care in plastic surgery and especially in cleft surgery- Dr. Subodh Kumar Singh , with his equally reputed software colleagues -Rangoli IT Solutions Pvt Ltd.

It brings best of both- Expert medical knowledge and expert software skills to bring best experience to both doctors and their patients. It safeguards the interests of both and facilitates the services to both to bring expert medical care in the convenience of your home and office and to take the expert medical care to the places it has never been. It brings greatest experience of Remote Access Medicine through ECURE network.


Telemedicine brings enormous possibility in the medical treatment. It opens up a complete new dimension in the medical practice. It can take the medicine to the places it has never been, and to the people who were never so fortunate. This opens up a new era of Remote Access Medicine .

With the new guidelines in India and most other countries, practice of telemedicine has been facilitated. It is now possible to take opinion of a specialist doctor sitting 2000 km away from the convenience of your home or office. Taking appointments and paying fee was never so easy. You don’t even need to step out of your home.

It will significantly reduce the footfalls in the hospitals and clinics , preventing infections, but will significantly increase presence in virtual clinics. It can be a boon for chronic disease patients, elderly and debilitated patients and single individuals who need support to go to a doctor.


Telemedicine is future of medicine. A lot will change soon. Remote examination of patients will soon become a reality by creation of new gadgets and, assistants and service provider.

ECURE brings doctors and Hospitals to you, and takes you to the doctors chamber, with a click of a button.

It is an especially designed platform to keep healthcare first and in highest traditions of doctor- patient relationship. It is highly sophisticated on technology, yet very simple to use. It offers features and convenience to the patients and doctors that no other telemedicine platform does. It makes teleconsultations effective, simple and useful, and brings expert doctor to the convenience of your home. It also brings total statistics and analysis of the care provided, to the doctor and the hospitals.